Omni Integer is the Sole Distributor in Singapore for Phonak Communications AG Audio Accessories products for law enforcement agencies and security sectors.

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Rogerô Covert System The New Digital Standard in Covert Communications.


Finalist for Milipol Innovation Awards 2017, the Phonak Rogerô Covert System is designed for applications where the highest levels of discreetness are required. It is based on a newly developed standard for secure wireless transmission of speech. Designed to facilitate covert surveillance on foot and in a vehicle, the Rogerô Covert System is the solution for intelligibility and discreetness.

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Profilo Nano

Certified Zero-Inteference and the only receiver in the world that uses Transductive Technology, the Profilo Nano offers reliable communications for covert operations.



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Intelligent Hearing Protection

Boomless headset with noise cancellation
and dynamic hearing protection

Primero DPC+

Coupled with patented Blind Source Separation (BSS) Technology, Primero DPC+ is a boomless headset capable of instantaneous attenuation to provide fully certified hearing protection to dangerously loud and impulse noises while maintaining ambient awareness and clear communication.


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Dynamic Protection with Communication

Serenity DPC+

Combined intelligent attenuation and dynamic hearing protection, Serenity DPC+ is highly suitable for use in challenging environments where loud noises fluctuate but clear communication is imperative in the operations.

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Headsets for Aviators

Our series of Aviation headsets provide comfort and excellent audio quality and communications. Specific model provides hearing protection for aviator at maximum day long comfort of wearing. FreeCom greatest advantage is the elimination of pressure around  the head with traditional headsets.

Disclaimer: We are governed by Phonak's rules and regulations in selling FreeCom to outside of Singapore. Request is subjected to approval.





  FreeCom 3000

FreeCom 3000 is a single-ear pilot headset with face-worn boom mic. It's ultra-light model features excellent speech intelligibility and crystal clear voice transmission.


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  FreeCom 7100

FreeCom 7100 is a professional in-ear pilot headset with boom microphone that features 'dynamic' (active) level-dependent noise reduction (attenuation), adjustable ambient awareness, excellent speech intelligibility and crystal-clear voice transmission.


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