Technical Surveillance & Covert Surveillance Training

Technical Surveillance & Covert Surveillance Training
(Strictly for law enforcement agencies and personnel only)

Our trainers draw upon many collective years of operational experience and expertise to provide a wide range of courses in the field of technical and covert surveillance arena. Equipped with the understanding that it is rare that two organizations will require exactly the same course, we are able to customize and provide consultancy to identify and tailor specific courses to suit the organization's requirement. Our aim is to equip delegates with the specific skills required for their organization, technical infrastructure or area of operation.

Some of the Intelligence Training and skills which we can provide tuition in are listed below (please note that due to the sensitive nature of some of the training content, not all of our courses can be publicly displayed and this list is therefore non-exhaustive):

List of some of the courses we provide :

• Covert Audio & Video installation (urban/internal)
• Covert Audio & Video installation (rural/external)
• Covert Method of Entry
• Silent Method of Entry
• Electronic access control systems exploitations course
• Home Made Explosives awareness course
• Covert technical support for hostage & stronghold scenario’s

Our courses are bespoke and built by a dedicated training team of professionals specifically suited to our customer’s requirement. It comprises of theory, to hands on and simulation of almost real case scenarios. Our courses cover entry level to expert level of intelligence operations and can be conducted either locally or at the training premise located in United Kingdom and Europe (Netherlands).


For more information, please contact us here.


Phonak's Certified Service Centre (Far East)

(Sole Distributor for Phonak Communications AG for Security and Law Enforcement Sectors)

For years, we have been supporting our local customers with repair and maintenance services, backed-up by the Swiss factory for parts beyond our capability to repair. Phonak Communications AG saw Omni Integer’s ability to go beyond first line service support and felt the need to bring service support closer to the increasingly large pool of users in Singapore, hence their decision to train and provide Omni Integer with all the necessary knowledge and tools to function as “Phonak Certified Service Centre”.

The certification means we are now equipped with all the necessary spare parts and tools for all maintenance and warranty repairs of the Phonak’s devices locally. The certification will bring about shorter turn-around time and lower cost in the event of any out-of-warranty repair.

This is our continual effort to provide strong service support to our customer to create extended value for their organization's asset.


As the Exclusive Distributor for Phonak in the region, we provide:

- Comprehensive corrective maintenance

- Comprehensive preventive maintenance

- Repair services

- Modification and customization

- Training


SES4 Single Day Training Session

The single day hands on training session provide a general overview of audio and its related components. Major part of the training will focus on the functionality of the system. The training session is an essential start to getting around SES4. Emphasis on using the different modules to work on sample files provides the platform for user to get familiarize with the system. The session also helps user to understand which module to apply when a complicated file is presented.

Alternative 3 days fully certified training session is also available upon request. For more details, please contact us

Open Source Intelligence Training

In this world of cyber convenience and the rapid growth of social media, large and free information are ever so readily available for exploitation and abuse.  The fast changing technology in smart phones and electronic access provide a new level of risk for criminal advantage.  By understanding how cyber criminals engineered their ways to the operatives and the methods used can we prevent invasion and illegal access. Our trainer, Mr David Benford (Msc), is an internationally renowned expert in cyber-related threats derived from geo-locational data, social media and portable digital devices. In addition, David also provides training in both law enforcement, government security agencies and business corporations. As a lecturer in cybercrime and digital forensics at the University of Derby, England, he is an experienced digital forensic scientist and a published academic, having recently worked alongside some law enforcement agencies in Southeast Asia. Contact us today to find out more about our OSINT.

Customization & Integration Service

We provide customization and integration services for new and existing systems. We understand the needs to make system interoperable and expand the business value of your investment. We have the in-house capability to put together a complete solution based on your requirement.


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